2018 – The Year of the Ecommerce Giant Amazon

2018 – The Year of the Ecommerce Giant Amazon

Did you know that Amazon originally sold books?

Founded in 1994, this company has progressed from strength to strength and now stands as one of the leading ecommerce retailers with a staggering total of 304 million registered users across its various platforms.

Who would have thought that this once small organisation would grow to be so dominant and popular?

Since its creation, Amazon boasts an enviable portfolio with some truly fantastic projects and has developed a range of different services and products, along with frequent excellent offers and sales. The following are some of Amazon’s business ventures:

  • Amazon.com (online retailer for various goods and services)
  • Amazon Prime (premium subscription service offering improved delivery etc)
  • Amazon Kindle (electronic book reader)
  • Amazon Echo (smart speaker with AI functionality)
  • Amazon Fire phone (smartphone)

These products have gained worldwide acclaim and have helped Amazon craft a profitable brand that customers trust and believe in.

To keep the wheels of the Amazon empire running, the organisation has a huge operation. Amazon operates storage and delivery warehouses that cover a staggering 77 million square feet. These are run by a combination of staff and robots and some warehouses process as many as 1 million items each day.

These warehouses are serviced by a dedicated delivery fleet including air freight, drones, trucks, and other vehicles. The company continues to create innovative new ways to provide exceptional delivery times to its customers. Finally, the whole organisation is managed by a worldwide team of over 540,000 employees who benefit from fantastic salaries and working conditions.

As far as progressive companies go, Amazon is certainly up there with the best. This organisation has continually evolved and has managed to keep up with technological developments to ensure it provides a superb service to its customers. With a 31% market share in the online retail market, Amazon is a true giant and outperforms all its competitors including retail giants eBay.

Amazon Infographic

Infographic courtesy of 16best.net

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