Connecting Samsung Gear S2 with iPhone

Samsung Gear S2 can connect with iPhone… before the firmware update. Surprisingly, the earlier version of Gear S2’s firmware allows the device to connect and communicate with iPhone out of the box. Based on reports from passionate users on XDA Developers Forums, updating to later firmware version will break this functionality. Don’t ask me why the developers took this one step back.

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AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping delivers

I have written my experience ordering using AmazonGlobal which was great. The only part that made Amazon missed was the delivery deadline. Those orders were placed using AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping which said averaged 5-10 business days for delivery. However Amazon’s courier partner i-Parcel failed to get my orders in time, although they only missed for a few days.

Geek Review: Motorola Moto E running Android Lollipop (5.0.2)

The Motorola Moto E is a fine piece of device for its price. $100 is average amount of money people used to spend to buy typical Nokia phone less than 5 years ago without caring about CPU, RAM, or camera capability as long as they can make calls and send out SMS. If you keep your thoughts simple, than you would realize how good deal it is. With the update to Lollipop, the experience will improve even further.

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