Using Transactional Email Service for Your E-Commerce Platform

First of all, do not get it wrong. “Transaction email” here does not refer to only financial transactions. Quoting from MailChimp blog post: …think of it as “anything that isn’t bulk“. Basically, it is email sent to an individual based on some action. In my own words related to e-commerce, transaction emails are all notification… Continue reading


Sendloop is a promising email marketing service with simple and easy user interface. It is developed by the guys from Octech who created Oempro, a popular email marketing software. If you have been wanting to promote or manage an email marketing for your website or business, I would recommend to try it. With sleek web… Continue reading

Ajax Loader Image Generator

Always having a hard time to find the perfect loader for your AJAX scripts? Then you need to bookmark this site: Ajaxload. Not only it provides a few dozens of animated GIF image for your loader, you can even customize it background and foreground colors. Nice!